Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Philipians 2:8-11

This is one of my ALL TIME favorites. When I think about the name of Jesus, and all that His name means and has come to mean in my life, I have to praise Him. When I hear this song, I know that in Jesus my life is secure and I am loved. I know that In Jesus whatever pain my body may be in, I am not alone. When I hear this song, and meditate on Jesus, and prais Him instead of complaining and allowing myself wallowing time, my hurt actually subsides. When I hear this song I know that my time here on this earth is temporary, and my home is eternal with my Lord.

The name of Jesus brings peace. I don't know if y'all ever had demons (human or spiritual) in your life. I have. I know that just the mention of His name drives off every evil that tries to bring down one of His followers. I know who I belong to, but there have been times in my life where I've played the harlot (just being honest), and went looking for something other than what my Lord had to offer. For the minute, sin was fun and I thought I had it made. But Ohhhhh, oh, oh the long lasting affect brought me to my knees. Through it all, Jesus was there all the time, ready and waiting, and able to fight my battle. Just calling His name from my heart to my mouth is POWER.

Something 'bout the name JESUS is the sweetest name I know. I wish for everyone to know the name, and experience the power and love He has to offer.

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