Thursday, June 25, 2009

Songs Of My Heart - ORDER MY STEPS


Order my steps in Your word dear Lord,
lead me, guide me everyday,
send Your anointing, Father I pray;
order my steps in Your word,
please, order my steps in Your word.

Verse 1:
Humbly, I ask Thee teach me Your will,
while You are working, help me be still,
Satan is busy, but God is real;
order my steps in Your word,
please, order my steps in Your word.

Verse 2:
Bridle my tongue let my words edify,
let the words of my mouth be acceptable in Thy sight,
take charge of my thoughts both day and night;
please order my steps in Your Word,
please order my steps in Your Word.

I want to walk worthy,
my calling to fulfill.
Please order my steps Lord,
and I'll do Your blessed will.
The world is ever changing,
but You are still the same;
if You order my steps, I'll praise Your name.

Order my steps in Your Word.
Order my tongue in Your Word.
Guide my feet in Your Word.
Wash my heart in Your Word.
Show me how to walk in Your Word.
Show me how to talk in Your Word.
When I need a brand new song to sing,
show me how to let Your praises ring,
in your word (2x),

Chorus 2:
Please order my steps in Your word,
please order my steps in Your word.

I love this song because it expresses all that sometimes my mind and heart are too overflowed to express. If you've read through and listened to the many songs on this blog, you see most of them are asking for guidance. I need a lot of that. On my own I wander, I'm kinda' scattered. But when I speak to the Lord in songs of praise, that connection is made, and He welcomes into His Holy presence, then I know that whatever happens on this day He has me covered. I can rest in Him.

I stay so busy, and am in control most of the time. So coming to the Lord humbly grounds me, steadies me, relaxes my mind and body. "Remember the Sabbaoth day and keep it holy,". The Sabboath, the day/time of rest is a stress remover that our physical bodies dearly need, and spiritual life desires. He helps me to keep still in this ever so quickly moving schedule I've set for myself.

Bridle my tongue, let my words edify. Our tongues can cause wars. Look at the political world to see just how much damage can be done. Closer to home, look at our families and see the damage, the division that words can cause.

Order my steps Lord, showing me this day how to walk, talk and sing Your praise today.


Stephanie said...

I do ask that the Lord orders my steps in his word . I read it and try to live by it,sometimes I know that i need a little help so I ask ,order my steps. The first time I heard that song ,years ago I felt it was one of "my songs".


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