Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Lord is My light and My Salvation, Whom Shall I Fear?
Psalm 27

So many versions of this Psalm in song, but they all assure us that with the Lord we have nothing to fear. In these days of craziness, we have nothing to fear. The Lord tells us to occupy until He comes. NOTHING that has happened in my life is a surprise to the Lord, and He has had me in His hands.

I was talking with my daughter this morning; she lives in Tennessee - I'm in Washington state, but we were talking about many of the situations the Lord has seen us through over the years. Again that keyword - THROUGH. Today she is celebrating, but we have been on our knees together in tears, not knowing what was going to happen to us. Sometimes all we can do is wait. When we've done all we can, prayed the prayers, cried the teas, and taken all the action we could have - there sometimes comes a time to WAIT. The song and the scripture say to WAIT on the Lord, and be of GOOD COURAGE. He has/will give us strength and courage to make it. The Lord has a way of turning things that are messes, in our lives, into messages of faith to others.

Let the LORD be your LIGHT when all seems dark, and know that He is your SALVATION.

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Stephanie said...

Yes he is my light he has worked it out and shown me the way throughout my life. Another one of my favorite songs.