Friday, May 16, 2008


Earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes and floods; so much devastation. As I watch the news I cry. The tears come whether it's from China, Myanmar, Georgia or Maryland.
How can we not but pray as we see the hurt of our brothers and sisters all over the world. Like it or not, agree or not with differences of belief's, various hues of color, whether they serve my God or yours; these are people who hurt.

I cannot believe that a government is so wicked that they either will not let, or limit incoming help to their own people. We in America are so blessed, that help is available. No, I haven't forgotten Katrina. And that a Katrina can happen her should be enough to open our eyes as to what our government has come to.

It does not take an Einstein to see that we need change. Not all politicians are bad, they are folks like you and me. It is our responsibility to break the mold that has made a Katrina possible, it is our responsibility to change the politics so that another unnecessary does not happen again. We don't need rogue leaders. We do need leaders who can work together for the people.
I don't think America will be exempt from horrible natural disasters. But I do believe it's important that our hearts be prepared to help each other before disaster strikes.

All the division we have, its so sad. One Nation Under God – Indivisible (together, mended as one).... I am A Negative Blood. I wonder who is out there that is the same, and what color do you have on top of the vessels? Do our differences matter when we need this life saving gift? If not, why should we be so separated?


Anonymous said...

Great information Mama Jay!

Way to go!


Mama Jay's GoodNews...As I See It said...

Thanks for your comment. Hope you come back.