Friday, May 16, 2008


Hello Folks,

Many of you may already know the benefits of baby massage. I'm seeing a lot of young moms who live a distance away from their moms or granma's house. When I was pregnant with my first baby and after the birth, I was blessed to have my mom and granma with me. Well,some of the lessons I learned from them I'd like to share with you.

It amazes me, that in this high technique world that some new most don't know the benefit of touch between mama, papa and baby. A video will follow this, but for right now, I'd like to talk about you as a parent.

You know if you are pregnant your parenting has already begun. Your child within is totally dependent on you. What you eat, drink, even what you say and how you say it affects your baby. Yea, they hear you. Your bonding with your baby begins now. Talk, sing, pray and laugh with your baby. By the time you deliver, they know your voice.

Dad, you're not exempt from this either. Your baby can even feel the differences in vibrations between mama rubbing the tummy and the heavier hand of dad. Massage and converse.

Babies sleep alot, but they are also taking in; EVERYTHING they hear and see you doing. Know it or not you are now officially teachers. So What's your game plan?
What is it that's important to you that you want to pass down to your child, continueing on through each generation - legacies. You create them.

Sense of self;
Manners were really important in our family;
Respect for elders;
Relationship; and
Religion - Not neccisarrily in that order, but I hope you get my drift. Pregnancy isn't just about housing a baby for nine months, letting it sleep for another month, and then just playing games.

Shocker, you actually have about three-four years to instill the beginnings of life-long habits. Look around you when you go a grocery store, or to the mall. Watch Maury Povich about the kids 6-12 who beat, cuss-out, and disrespect their parents. That didn't happen overnight. Parenting is serious business.

Parenting is also one of the most rewarding life-long jobs you will ever have the privilege of being involved in. It will be what you make it. There will be challenges along the way as boundaries are tried. There will be dissapointments on both sides of the parental/child relationship. But it all starts before birth. so get your books together for story time, your CD's for music, set the stage for good times.

Father, I pray for this family who is beginning a wonderful journey. A journey of family that you created. This man and woman coming together in love to love, nurture, teach, and protect this brand new life. We pray blessings on all of them. In Jesus Name, Amen

Now to the video: Baby Message, Love ya!! Jay

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