Friday, May 16, 2008


I was sitting at my computer reading the messages on EONS on several different political sites, and the song 'My Country Tis' Of Thee' kept running through my head. What exactly does this song mean to me.

My country tis of thee

This is my country. All of my known family was born here. With all of it's problems, injustices this country The United States of America is my country. I know of no other, nor do I want to live in another – well maybe Jamaica for a season or two, then come HOME.

Sweet land of liberty

Yes, it is a country of liberty. When and if anyone reading this finds a PERFECT country, please let me know. As I read the blogs and some of our political statements, just on this site; in some countries we'd be tried for treason. But we have the right to speak. LIBERTY, that a Black man who meets all of the qualifications for President of the United States (and he's not rich). In no other country that I know of can a man with the background of Barack Obama run for the highest office in the Country. Do you realize that means that if any of our children so chose (Lord, let it not be) they can run too. (Only because my child would be damned if they do or damned if they don't - I'd settle for a doctor)

Of thee I sing

Of the United Sates of America I sing her praises. Yes we are a liberal country. Liberal enough the I can serve God openly, I can sleep without threat of the government kicking in my door because I wrote a critical post about them. Conservative we are, that our laws and values are, at least, stated if not always upheld. Bi-partisan enough that when a disaster streikes this country we are all affected (at least for a time). I think all countrymen must come together every now and then. Yes I sing strongly the Battle Hymn of the Republic, This is My Country, and America the Beautiful.

Land where my fathers died

My dad served in WWII, the Korean War, and three tours in Viet Nam. He served thirty years defending this country and what it stands for. All of my sons except two have entered the Armed Forces, and many uncles and cousins chose to serve this country. They didn't wait for the draft or have their time deferred and some do; though they could have. Before my dad and grandfather, his dad, and his dad before died after living through slavery. But they were proud, and taught their sons and daughters to be proud in this country.

Land of the pilgrims pride

I really don't know, can't speak for them. But I imagine since they were escaping the servitude and loss of freedom of religion in England, they must have taken much pride in getting here too. It is really too bad that the greed for territory made for a bad situation, that the Native Americans who were here already had to be put down, enslaved and die, and land that was rightfully theirs was taken by force. Maybe after all these years we can come together and all take pride in this America we all share.


Our fathers' God to thee,
author of liberty, to Thee we sing
long may our land be bright,
with freedom's holy light
protect us by Thy might, Great God, our King

This last verse is seldom heard, much less sung. But I believe as we live out this last verse, only then will we be truly able to capture the whole and wonderful essence of this song.

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