Saturday, January 2, 2010


Gospel, spirituals, jazz, country, and blue grass; I thank God that He gave me songs. 2009 is gone on bye, and we've entered into a new adventure for 2010. Christmas Eve night my pastor, Baron Miller talked about the bitter and the sweet of the past year. So as I started writing my thoughts two weeks ago, I've been doing more reflecting and prayer about the past and future. I've spent a lot of time asking the LORD for stuff, even spiritual stuff. But what I've really wanted, and he has granted my request is to be used by Him. I want to live so that God can use me, I want to walk in His presence and feel His tender touch, and be guided by His Holy Spirit.

This year He allowed me setbacks in ministry (getting my pastoral license), which was a good thing. Not getting it when I first applied took me into further study of the Bible, my relationship with people and Christ, and His with me and His people. Not getting my license caused me to really think about the why's and the costs of my decision to pursue ministry, and follow His leading. I did get it on the second try. Failure lead to more growth.

2009 has been a year of acomplishment; I finished my second book, "Lord, Take Me Back." It's being edited. My third book (Poetry) is almost done, "Somebody Prayed For Me." He has allowed a very special friendship to form with Pastors Anthony and Christina Westbrook, who brought me back to an old love - teaching, doing workshops for women. With Christina, we've seen the The Bellingham Community Gospel Choir continue to grow, and the gospel be spread through music. This year, I've been able to minister with people from various churches throughout Washington, and from different countries (Canada, Africa and Japan).

2009 has not been without its devastating moments. Sickness struck my family in a big way; my mom, gramma, son, the deaths of folks at the nursing home who were there in 2001 when I first came out here, and the death of my best friend for over 50 years. Sickness in my own body, finances and financial opportunities have come and gone. Yet through it all, I have seen His love well up in the hearts of those who love and trust Him, and God has given me a song to sing and a sermon to teach in every situation.

I'm learning not to take this life for granted. I'm grateful for the people He has put in my life this year; men and women, young and old, acros the nation. Some of these people we've never met, but we are family just the same, who love the Lord, and they also are learning to grow in Him, trust Him more. I'm grateful for the relationships I have with non-believers, and always praying that one day they too will not only seek but receive Jesus who lives in me.

Whatever 2010 brings I know Jesus will be with me, I know I will have a song to sing, and I know that the end result of my praying, singing, teaching and preaching is to win souls for the Kingdom, to one day be gathered in Heaven, hearing Him say to each of us, "Well done my good and faithful servant." In 2010 I will say and sing with my whole heart, "Where He leads me I will follow."

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