Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A simple song with a powerful message. Don't sweat the small stuff, God has got me covered and whatever His plans are for me, will come to me. Some of you know I have been job searching. Well I interviewed last month for the perfect job, that would allow me to combine all the talents (art, writing, singing, etc), administrative gifts, and the ministry all together. Wow, what an opportunity. As it came down I was in the top two for over two weeks - tight. But toward the end of last week, the Lord took all my anxiousness about this away, and this song has been in my heart, even as I awake in the morning, "What God has for me, it is for me."

For the last two years, I've been on another journey of trusting the Lord. As I went into retirement, I felt I would be alright financially, and I really needed the time to spend in the Word, and doing my community responsibilities as a pastor. Things have become real tight with the money, and my frustration level began to rise at not finding a position. Plus, all my drawing, painting, beadworking, cooking skills appeared to be going to waste - What's up with that God? Last week He gave me such a sense of peace about where I was, and where He was leading me. I knew in my heart I didn't have the job, but what He has been doing, and the ministers He has brought into my life over this past month has been phenomenal. All of them, unrelated to each other, with the same encouraging message of God's working in my life, and will use these gifts as He has placed me to minister.

There are still times in my life where I try to reason out what my next step should be, instead of allowing the Lord to order my steps. As much as I tell others, wait on the Lord; trust Him to lead you, there are times I need to preach this same message right back to me. When we put our trust in God's plans for us, and really learn to rest in Him, we don't have to worry, fret or cry, or become jealous of others for getting what we think we deserve. He said, He has a plan and a purpose for us. I don't know about y'all, but learning to lean ain't always easy.

Yesterday I learned I didn't have the job, and I was so peaceful. Working it, would have placed me back to 40 hours, cutting back on ministry duties. But, the manager went on to tell me they have another position coming open, that would be part-time. When they said, "Would you be interested in this,"My heart cried out, "What God Has For Me, It Is For Me."

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