Saturday, October 17, 2009

Songs Of My Heart - IN THE NAME OF JESUS

I love this song. Today it brings to mind how we have, throughout history, used this phrase "In the name of Jesus." Wars have been fought, much blood loss, lives destroyed, people burned at the stake, victories won, addictions broken, families restored, and many have willingly surrendered their lives in their refusal to reject - The name of Jesus.

So today I was thinking (hmmm), What do I do in the name of Jesus, how do I want my life to be projected in the name of Jesus, but more importantly, how does He see me living in His name?

I cannot live just to represent myself, but I must always be me. There are and have been times in my life where I have supposedly given up some of the relevant stuff to follow after Him and His will. Going to Mississippi from Seattle was one of those times. I had accomplished much, and was secure in me. People in my field of work, in several different states, knew who I was, I was full of me. When I got to Mississippi, the question became, "Jay who?" Humbling it was. But it became another beginning, another level of learning who "me" is, and to trust the Lord.

I had again started anew in Mississippi, and over 13 years I was no longer a stranger. The Lord allowed me to accomplish a few things there, then in 2001 BAM!!! I'm in Bellingham, Washington. What was the Lord going to do with a woman of 56 years, who had only received her ministerial license one year before, and there was no Full Gospel Baptist Chuch here - what was He going to do with me? And I didn't even have a job! Again, I'm in unknown territory, except to God. A little scared, yet I knew, this time I was really I traveling in the name of Jesus, and walking by faith that He knew what He was doing with me.

I'm a Midwest lady.
In Iowa, Kansas & Minnesota He healed me and moved me (He keeps doing that).
In Seattle, He showed me He loved me, and chose me, and cleaned me up.
In Mississippi, He broke addictions, and taught me how to trust and depend on Him in a land of strangers.
In Bellingham, Wa He taught me how to know Him as Father (Abba= Daddy), and seeing myself as a well loved daughter. Through the precious blood of Jesus I live to carry His name.

The Lord led me to SALT ON THE STREET. SALT is a ministry to the homeless. The word delivered, that Jesus Loves you is constant; in saying and in doing. The healing message and response of the SALT volunteers is an answer to the cry of many:
Is there anyone who loves me or cares about me?
Is there anyone who wants to be with me when I'm not in control?
Is there anyone who is not afraid to touch my tears?
We are servants in the name of Jesus. There have been times over the years where I've had to check myself from not serving just out of Habit. I must serve out of love for the person and the name of Jesus. The results are long lasting, and in some case life saving.

I see our Lord as majestic, awesome and Holy, but also as familiar, loving and close to me. I want to be a vessel that He chooses to use in His name, for His purpose. I don't heal, I don't open blind eyes, I don't break addictions, I don't free the captive soul - Jesus does!

I pray He sees me as surrendered to Him and His will. I pray He sees me as loving to His people. I am His daughter who knows His voice, His touch, and trusts Him to supply my every need. He asks, "Do you love me? Feed my sheep, feed my lambs." I shall, In The Name Of JESUS.

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