Saturday, October 3, 2009


Give me a clean heart so I may serve thee.
Lord, fix my heart so that I may be used by thee,
For I’m not worthy of all your blessings.
Give me a clean heart, and I’ll follow thee.

I’m not asking for the riches of this land,
And I’m not asking for men in high places to know my name.
Please-- give me, Lord, a clean heart that I may follow thee.
Give me a clean heart, and I’ll follow thee.

As I was having my meditation and prayer this morning, I was reminded that it is not about clean clothes or clean hands, it's not about the car I drive or about the degrees I have; but my walk/our walk with the Lord is about having a clean heart.

In the past few months my meditation has taken me to scriptures that have to do with the heart of the leadership of the church. Being that I is one, and am also a part of the the crowd of 'Older Women' whose responsibility it is to teach the younger, it is of great concern that I look at what we are giving the people, the sheep and lambs of Christ. Are they being fed? Is our Sunday meal giving the little ones in Christ the nurishment they need to grow? Are we offering food throughout the week, to hold them through the struggles of their weekly life outside the four walls of the sanctuary? Is it in our hearts as shepherds to go into the highways and byways where the people are? Are we offering 'feel good stuff' that will only last awhile, or teaching them as babies who will one day grow into wise leaders? Are we living as though the Holy Spirit of God lives in us, and teaching that we are not our own, but brought with the high price of the blood of Jesus? Are we teaching that His love is so strong, that nothing can draw us away - do we as leaders really live like that, and is that what the unsaved world sees in us/me/we as leaders?

Jesus said to ask of the Father what we will in His name, and it shall be done. This song, 'Give Me A Clean Heart' has always been one of my favorites, but today this is what I ask, it is my prayer.


Kristin Sarai said...

I absolutely love this song. I was in the shower and it came in my spirit. I searched it on the computer and it brought me to your blog. Thanks for sharing. I pray that God continues to bless you to lead according to His desires. I adore older women who take serious their role to lead the young . I'm 26 and I so value the wisdom of the older women. God bless you! Kristin Sarai

Fran Allen-Leake said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Mama Jay! The song came to me last week--for 3 days! I knew the chorus, having sung it over 30 years ago, but I couldn't remember the solo part. An internet search led me to you. Thanks again!