Thursday, July 22, 2010


For all of my life I will praise the Lord, I will sing Hallelujah for He has supplied my every need. As I look around at the mountains and all the beauty that surround Bellingham, Wa I can't help but praise Him. As I kneel in prayer and thank Him for my family, of keeping them through the years, even through my idocy-I thank Him. As I review the past year, and see how He has kept me, provided for me, and comforted me through some VERY hard times, I can't help but praise Him. Even as I realize the joy He has put in my heart on a daily basis, it's a wondrous thought of His goodness. As I think about how He has made provisions in my life, even this past month,  I can't help but sing Hallelujah!

At this age I'm beginning to realize that what I don't have is maybe not quite the time, or I didn't need it as bad as I thought I did. Hindsight is profitable when its paid attention to and thought about. There are some things I asked the Lord for, and instead of giving me what I asked for, He gave me solutions. Solutions that involved other people, so they could see His working, and God gets the glory. There are things I asked the Lord for, that in the passage of time, I had to SHOUT "Thank YOU JESUS,"  You didn't give me that, or take me there. His faithfulness does not fail, and He knows just what we can and cannot bear.

Hills and valley's, level plains (same-o, same-o, the mundane, quiet times), we all will experience in our lifetimes. What will we do with them, through them? Food, clothing and shelter, He has given us. I will Thank Him for today, and thank Him for the name of Jesus, I will thank Him for the cross, and the blood He shed for me. Jesus, the source and supply of my life. I will praise and lift Him High.

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