Wednesday, June 23, 2010


BE ENCOURAGED Isaiah 41:4,10 We get so caught up in the problems of our nations, our world, families and communities. I think we sometimes forget that God is still in control. Pray sincerely for our leaders, that their hearts be turned toward Almighty God; for He has not left us. From generations past, to our generation today, and to all future generations - He is with us. He is with us in Afghanistan, in Isreal, on the Gulf Coast. God is more than the WHOLE world against us. So hold on, be encouraged.

Pray for His presence, His strength, His devine knowledge of our circumstances, and His devine hand to intervene. The hands of our God is not too short to save and deliver. Look to the Word of God for encouragement. Gather with our brothers and sisters in the Lord for fellowship, and pray for direction. Have that little talk with Jesus, let Him be the bearer of our concerns. Don't forget to share our delights, happiness, our joyous events with Him who loves to be a part of our whole life. Then be still for a minute and hear His voice of direction, encouragement and love.

I wrote this today because as I was reading Isaiah 41:1-10, I heard the words "Be Encouraged." So I began to ask, "Why?" So I went back and re-read, and got stuck on verses 4 and 10. That was about 6:30 AM. As this morning has progressed several things have happened, that made me know, He is with me and He encourages in so many different ways. Now let us go out and encourage others.

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Teapotbessings said...

Sometimes we do need to remind ourselves to be encouraged; God has not left the building and He is more than able to meet our needs and see us through any situation. Thanks for the gentle and spirit filled reminder.