Thursday, May 6, 2010


How often do we get a wonderful gift, love it, use it, then as time passes we move on to other things? Sometimes we put this wonderful gift in an area where we cannot/do not access its beauty or use it to its fullest potential. I think this is what many of us do with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus left us a wonderful gift of a friend, comforter, guide and master teacher. Yet do we invite Him into our lives everyday? This song, expresses so much where my heart is right now; and I pray will be forever. I'm thanking Him for His presence in my life. It is He who allows us to walk in the power of Christ, He leads me through the day; giving me the words to use in difficult situations, the power to love and forgive, and pray for those who are being a little ugly in actions, and keeps from being totally nasty in return; and if I am, allows me the wisdom to ask forgiveness. It is He/Holy Spirit who shows me how to use the talents that have been given to me. He makes His presence known, I/we have but to invite Him into our lives. Good Morning Holy Spirit, please come and fill this place!

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