Wednesday, September 23, 2009


MY TESTIMONY: An old song that expresses daily the love and power of the Lord.

Many of you have prayed for and with me over the weekend about my back. The testimony of the healing was so long I couldn't put it on the Facebook page, so I'm back to the blog. Not only in my life, but as the Lord works in, works out, heals and touches we must tell it.

About five years ago I fell over one of the cement parking thing-a-ma-jigs downtown and a lower disc in my back was moved out of place. I was preparing to have surgery on my shoulder and didn't want surgery on my back, so I went into physical therepy for it. Well it only bothers me about once a year and sometimes not that, but when it does, it's pure pain, and I'm laid up for about a week. This weekend it happened again. I didn't go to church Sunday, stayed home and nursed it real good (ice, pills, etc).

There was a minister coming to Pastor Anthony Westbrook's, House of Wisdom Non- Denominational Church, and I was planning on going. The minister is Kevin Ford, and he was going to speak on healing. Just where I should'a been right? I stayed home. Well, I got through Sunday, and went to work Monday, gingerly working and moving so as not to be in too much pain. Monday night I did go to the service. I tell others that there is healing in our praise, but I wasn't practicing what I preach. I was on the praise team, singing, moving a little bit, but to be truthful I wasn't giving Jesus my all, my mind was on my back.

I had met Pastor Kevin and his wife once before like introduction, hello, welcome to Bellingham. So I really didn't know much about him, and until I saw him again Monday, his name didn't phase me. After we sang and he got up to give his message, he talked about how the Lord healed him from various addictions, brought him out of homelessness (living in a box, delivered him from a lot of "ism's = I, Self and Me" to using him in His service, restoring his life, and giving him another family, while restoring past relationships with his previous family - The Lord Heals.

Kevin asked if anyone was having back pain, I was one of several who raised our hands. He came over to me and asked permission to take my hands, then he knelt down in front of me. He asked if I had one leg longer than the other, I told him, "Not that I was aware of." He took my shoes off (I was glad I had done my toenails), and then as we looked at my legs I saw that one was longer than the other. He assured me he was not going to yank or twist, but that the Lord would heal. He asked the congregation to come and see, they did. He just gently held both my legs over him arm.

As he held my legs, Pastor Kevin talked of healing, he talked of the love that Christ has for us, he talked about the Word, and the power in speaking the Word of God - he didn't pray, preach or beg for God to heal. At times he would say something funny, making us all laugh a little. As he held my legs, to our amazement - the shorter one became longer until it was even with the other. NEVER IN MY LIFE, had I EVER seen anything like that or experienced this. He asked me to stand, and then asked me about my pain level. I told him it was about a 7 when I came in, and that right now it was about a 3. He asked me to bend over and touch my toes. I used to do Modern Dance, so I was used to being able to put the palm of my hand on the floor with my legs straight. Now at 63 years old, it has been many a year since I could even come close to doing this, but I did. Not once or twice, but about 20-30 times, all the way up and all the way down. LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAD DONE - HE HEALED MY BODY.

Not only did he heal my back, but my shoulders were without pain, and my knees were bending like they had not in years. HE HEALED MY BODY, HE TOUCHED MY MIND, HE SAVED ME IT WAS JUST IN TIME - I'M GONNA' PRAISE HIS NAME, HE'S EVERMORE THE SAME, I'M GONNA PRAISE HIM, LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE.

When the praise team (including me) returned to sing, I was able to dance, dance, dance. Those who know me know I don't do a lot of bouncing around, but Jesus touched my body and gave me a dance. Today is Wednesday and I am without back pain, even the morning pains I usually wake up with. I spent a lot of years ignoring the Lord and doing my own thing with the energy He gave me. I know He is giving it back, and I will expend much energy in serving, praising, worshipping Him. My Father God loves us so very much, and He makes His presence known in our lives everyday. LOOK AROUND AT WHAT THE LORD IS DOING!

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Simplycr said...

Praises going up..."I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."

"You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it."

God's word never returns void. What a testimony...Glory to God!