Sunday, May 24, 2009

Songs Of My Heart - I CAN ONLY IMAGINE


Oh for the joy that awaits us when we cross from this temporary life of joy and pain, loss and gladness, to our forever home with Jesus. In our forever home with Jesus there will be no more tears, sadness, sickness, meaness, pain, treachery, or jealousy. There's a song that says, “I can only imagine.” But my vision and my imagination are so polluted, my mind and my heart are so full not knowing what perfection really looks like, I think my imagination cannot even imagine the totality of What God has planned for us - when we get home.

Just the thought of seeing Jesus is too wondrous for thought (I'm crying now). The Bible says there will be no marriages in heaven, but we will know all those who have gone on to glory before us. As we pray and intercede for loved ones, friends and all those we don't know personally right now, in Heaven there will be no strangers.

In my 63 years I've never seen such violence, and lack of morality, or absense of love for human life. The evil that assails us is not about racial or cultural differences. Men and women all over the world are doing horrendous violence to people they supposedly love. The love of God is waning and waxing cold. Yet, this is not new. History always repeats itself.

As I get old I find myself wanting to depart this life and be with Christ. Yet, I know there is much salvation work to be done. The harvest is plentiful, as people are searching for answers to their pain and loneliness. People are searching for peace while they are still alive. People are looking for a savior, an so need to be presented and introduced to The Savior.

I thank you LORD that You make yourself known to us. Your presence fill and surrounds me like a strong but gentle hug where I feel safe in Your arms. The reality of You leaves me humble and ever grateful to be called Your child, Your daughter. Thank You for being Abba, being Daddy to me. I can only imagine the joy of coming into Your presence forever.

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